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Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy believes in developing the whole child (i.e., developing critical thinking, social, communication and interpersonal skills as well as starting the process of developing a sense of self-awareness that fosters emotional intelligence).   As it relates to families, our goal is to become a resource for the whole family.

Below are activities, articles, videos, interactive exercises and websites of other early childhood development experts and advocates.  Please visit our online library often, we will add content periodically. 


Parenting Information:

                                    KIDS 'R' KIDS EXPERT

                                      PARENT TRAINING SERIES


Five short videos that give great tips for expert parenting!


·       5 Tips To Avoid Homework Battles

·       3 Things Your Toddler Wants You To Know

·       5 Strategies To Avoid Mealtime Battles

·       Simple Words to Avoid Power Struggles

·       3 Tips for Nag-Free and Tear-Free Mornings for Everyone


·       9 Tips To Help You & Your Child Enjoy Reading Together**

·       A Positive Attitude

·       A Positive Circle

·       Get "Back To School Ready"**

·       Building Back-to-School Confidence**

·       Choosing Quality Child Care

·       Dealing with Mistakes

·       Developing Better Thinking Skills

·       Developing Logical Thinking

·       Developing Independence

·       Discipline, Not Time Out

·       Helping Kids Cope With Unsettling Times**

·       How Do You Tell Your Child You Love Her?

·       Human Capital Development:  Why Pre-K needs to be a Capitol Concern**

·       "I Love You” – parenting tips

·       One Language or Two

·       Preparing Your Child for School

·       Promoting Early Language & Literacy Development**

·       Promoting Life Skills Early**

·       Raising Outstanding Children **

·       Reading Together**

·       School Confidence: What to Expect by Age**

·       "She Bit Me First!"

·       Stimulate Baby's New Curiosity With Objects (How To)**

·       Talking with Kids About Natural Disasters**

·       Talking with Kids About War & Terrorism**

·       Tips for More Effective Discipline


·       Tips to Help Manage Your Child's Excitement **

** External Sources




·       Making Your Home Child-proof

·       Sleeping Safely in Newly Regulated Cribs



·       Fascination with Containers

·       Potty training is a learning process.

·       Security Blankets & Other Favorite Cuddlies

·       Separation Anxiety

·       Temper Tantrums**



·       Activity Pages for Download

·       Cool Math Games**

·       Gross Motor Activities

·       Healthy Handwashing

·       Washing Hands (Video)**

·       Websites for Kids



·       Tips to Motivate Your School-Ager**

Math: Training Videos and Interactive Exercises

·       Addition** 

                        Basic Addition – Training Video

                        Basic Addition – Interactive Exercises

                        Level 2 Addition – Training Video

                        Level 2 Addition – Interactive Exercises


·       Subtraction** 

                        Basic – Training Video

                        Basic – Interactive Exercises

                        Level 4 Subtraction – Training Video 

                        Level 4 Subtraction – Interactive Exercises


·        Other - Math Trainings**

                        Basic – Multiplication - Video

                        Basic - Multiplication - Exercises   

                        Basic – Division - Video

                        Basic - Division - Exercises

                        Number Line - Video

                        Number Line - Exercises

                        Measuring Angles - Videos

                        Measuring Angles - Exercises

                        Place Value

                        Rounding Whole Numbers



·       Healthy Families**

·       Healthy Mom equals Healthy Family**


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