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Summer Camp

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Preschool through 12 years old Full-Day Program 

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Camp Nature Kids is an unforgettable ten-week odyssey that transforms campers into miniature scientists, explorers
and adventurers as they investigate the wide and wonderful world beyond their back door.    

Nature Rocks

During these first two weeks, campers are introduced to many of the topics covered in more detail in later weeks.
They utilize their five senses to investigate dirt and mud, insects, plants, and animals. 

Digging in the Dirt

It’s all about playing in the dirt! Campers squish and squelch in the mud, investigating not only what is in dirt, but who as well!
Wallowing pigs and wiggly worms are just the beginning of what campers find while digging in the dirt! 

Bugs and Slugs

Chirp like a cricket? Hop like a grasshopper? Flitter and flutter like butterflies?
There are so many interesting insects for campers to investigate 

Wild About Wildlife

Animals have many characteristics that make them perfectly suited to their habitats. By slithering like snakes, hopping like rabbits,
and flying like owls, campers investigate reptiles, mammals, and birds representing unique habitats. 

Off the Beaten Path

Camping and hiking are adventures full of fun and exciting activities- pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars, using a compass,
and cooking over a campfire. As campers travel, other amazing habitats are explored.   


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